Confident Women

by admin on November 2, 2011

Confident women are usually found to be attractive by both men and other women alike because a confident woman has a certain presence; they radiate something that others perceive as being desirable; it’s about confidence traits.

The question I will try to answer here is why? If you want to be a confident woman it is something you will need to understand so you can start developing those confidence traits yourself, by duplicating them, or, for lack of a better term, by copy-catting them.

Michael Jackson a copycat?

Did you know that Michael Jackson also started by copy-catting other artists before becoming the mega star he was? One of the people he looked up to so much as to make his strategy his own was Fred Astaire and he became a “dance-a-holic” just as his idol before him had become!

The confident woman would agree; it’s recognizing what strategies work and using them yourself, it’s about pretending you own all the confidence traits as if you were born to them until they become a second nature. Soon it isn’t you pretending to have confidence traits, it is you who are confident, period.

So, no, copy-catting is not the same as stealing, but a very smart way of going for what you want in life. From the above, you can easily deduce two traits that confident women have:

  1. They know what they want (as much as what they don’t want!)
  2. They are not afraid to duplicate winning strategies and make them their own!

Some of the other things people will say when they see confidence traits in a woman:

  1. She looks you in the eye.
  2. She doesn’t slouch.
  3. She has the right posture.
  4. She has a firm handshake!
  5. She has a sense of humor.
  6. She has a twinkle in her eyes.
  7. She seems very alert but relaxed.
  8. She is well dressed.
  9. Her make-up is discreet.
  10. She is sexy.
  11. She smiles often.
  12. She compliments people.
  13. She is honest.
  14. She doesn’t beat about the bush.
  15. She knows how to create boundaries.
  16. She can say “no” graciously.
  17. She’s not proud.
  18. She doesn’t second guess herself.

Quite the list wouldn’t you say? Of course, these are not things people will all say at the same time but it will be more as the opportunity arises that this or that trait will come to light and that it will be recognized.

Body language, posture, clothes, hair and make-up always seem to be well harmonized when one encounters a confident woman even though that will definitely not always be the case, because a confident woman can open the front door of her house in her pajamas with her hair undone and whomever she will face will still find her confident.

When one knows what one wants, it is easier to plot a course to where one is going or what to do in order to obtain it. Obstacles are but mere time delays and not a reason to despair when one is determined. But this requires clear goals, because if they are “just maybe” targets, it is easy to stray from your course.

Here we have a third powerful confidence initiator: determination linked to a clear definite goal.

It would seem then, aside from knowing what they want, having made a definite goal of this desire and being determined to obtain it even if this means duplicating other people’s winning strategies , that confident women are continuously evaluating if their values are well aligned with their dreams.

There are a number of strategies you can choose to move toward more self confidence and one of them is to consult someone like Carolina who made it her life’s work to help women “strengthen their inner vision of themselves and reflecting that strength in their presentation of themselves to the outer world” to put it the words she uses herself.

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