Posture, Seven Tips To Get Better Posture

by admin on April 5, 2012

Better posture results by building self confidence:

  1. Feel confident about yourself
  2. Know what you want
  3. Do regular exercise or sport
  4. Avoid negative thoughts
  5. Sleep enough
  6. Be open to the world
  7. Smile when you see yourself in the mirror…if you dare!

That’s easier said than done by any length of standard if you are not your own best friend for 101 billion reasons plus the one and this counts for young people in the throes of puberty as well as for seasoned older and wiser adults just as much.

The thing is here, we often don’t have a clue how important this is. What we do get good at is workarounds and evasive action, let’s call this the “ostrich” technique, yes, that bird that puts its head in the sand to hide from its own fears. We tuck away our issues under layers of excuses which don’t help one whit when the way you present yourself and confidence is concerned.

It used to be that parenting and authority were stricter and a lot more demanding on children, some people will still remember corporal punishment and having to walk with a stack of book on one’s head to correct issues and get betterĀ  results. These measures were harsh and have been banished, but it is impossible to deny how efficient they were.

In all confidence, it is just as much about building self confidence as it is about understanding that this is about learning to do the right things for yourself. Learning confidence as well all building self confidence involves a learning curve, some patience, some trial and error, some time and a lot of determination.

Many people are facing confidence issues with this:

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The first thing about having an undesirable posture is that it is a dead give away to anyone who is a little in tune with human nature. It means literally that you are walking around with a huge sticker on your forehead that says in big bold black letters: I DON’T FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF.

Don’t do this to yourself.

1) Feel confident about yourself:

A little self-love will go a long way. You will start building self confidence by practicing a bit of self acceptance. You’ll get better at this in time. Just do it.

2) Know what you want.

Building self confidence won’t help much without knowing what you want. Stop everything you do, sit down and start thinking this through. Don’t get up until you’ve made the determination that you know what you want.

3) Do regular exercise or sport.

That’s an oxymoron, so I’ll skip adding content here to spare you the crass obvious stuff.

4) Avoid negative thoughts.

They are poison and they damage your health. On par with smoking. Quit ASAP.

5) Sleep enough.

Often underestimated. Your body needs this or sooner than later it will let you down.

6) Be open to the world.

If you close the door, nothing can come in.

7) Smile when you see yourself in the mirror…if you dare!

Remember that when you allow for some self derision, life becomes funnier. Smiling at yourself will be hilariously ridiculous as a thing to do, but there’s a very strange magic that operates here: if you are in a “down” mood, the smile will cause your inside mood to follow your outside mood. Bye bye blues!

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