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by admin on March 28, 2013

If you want to regain confidence there is nothing you can’t change to your life if you decide it. The recognized masters all came to state this in one way or the other. Their postulate is simple and says that only you can heal yourself. No outside power can do that for you. This doesn’t mean that nobody can show you how they did this for themselves.

Such people have the gift of being able to point you in the right direction so you can find those resources within you, they literally show you which doors to open even though in the end, you are the one who has to open them. It is the meaning of “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” or “Be a lamp unto your own feet and do not seek outside yourself.”, the first being attributed to Jesus and the second to Buddha.

As written in one of our previous posts, we create habits out of necessity. These habits are sometimes created by needs that contain conflicting motivations and this generates a situation where two values oppose one another, thereby cancelling each other out. That puts the individual in a situation where their positive goals are undermined by self imposed rules.

These rules, taken individually, might all pass the most stringent positive thinking tests, yet when one would take a look at the foundations they were built on, one might discover opposing forces. When one breaks the chains that negative thinking create it is said that one’s health, happiness, abundance and peace of mind return to their original state.

Here is a quote from “THE ULTIMATE SECRETS OF TOTAL SELF-CONFIDENCE” by Dr. Robert Anthony:

Unless you get rid of your guilt feelings and cease belittling yourself for your imagined inadequacies, you will be one of those who continue the fruitless struggle to attain total self-confidence and personal freedom. In order to be truly free, compassionate, warm and loving, you must first begin by understanding and loving yourself. You have been told to, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” but until you have a full appreciation of who and what you are, it defrauds both you and your neighbor!


Agreed, the above is kind of heavy and it will require some concentration and confidence – no pun intended – on your behalf to read it through, so if you are a woman and you are looking for a way to regain confidence in yourself, here is a suggestion.

Why not let someone show you the way out?

Carolina Rodrigues-Barros does this type of confidence work; she caters only to women though; with astounding results and with the most unexpected yet refreshing angle of approach: she changes the way you see yourself.

Granted, she doesn’t provide her confidence service at no cost and this means you will need to invest in your own well being, provided you allow yourself to regain confidence.

But the results are immediate, so if you are looking to regain confidence in order to function at the levels you deserve to be and which you are used to don’t hesitate. Investing in your own confidence  will manifest returns in ways you can’t imagine, in short, it is not a gamble. By finding the conflicting positive rules at odds within you it becomes possible to break the status quo.

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