Posture And Mindset Crucial To Emotional Health

January 25, 2012

Self confidence, posture and mindset are the interdependent elements that will allow anyone to immediately vastly improve any aspect of one’s life in any given area. The effects are immediate. It is the learning part that’s a bit more awkward, but with the right coaches and training, any gap can be closed quickly. As I […]

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Good Posture, How To Know Is Your Posture Bad?

January 6, 2012

How to know is your posture bad or do you have good posture? It is not obvious to realize you don’t have proper posture unless someone points this out to you and then again, how often will you meet someone who is even willing to tell you that you don’t have a proper posture? Yes, […]

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Self Confidence: How Building Self Confidence Is Done Right

December 9, 2011

Self confidence is something you can build. When you look around at your friends and acquaintances and notice how confident they are, it can be depressing if it’s an issue where you struggle. This is often an illusion though. It looks like everyone else just happens to be confident, when actually most of these people […]

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Self Improvement Is The Road to Confidence Gain

November 19, 2011

Self improvement and confidence gain both point to knowing who you are and this becomes apparent when you see others around you finding their way to serious confidence while you struggle so much with it. But you may not yet be able to see the many little steps they took along the way to get […]

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Self Confidence, Improving Body Image

November 17, 2011

Body Image Making body image problems go away to improving body image when one is already struggling with self confidence issues is like asking a crack junkie to kick the habit without medical help and supervision, that’s how hard this actually is. No use in fooling yourself into thinking otherwise, it makes no sense when […]

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