Low Self Esteem And Self Esteem Training Activities

by admin on April 3, 2013

Low self esteem and self esteem training activities should be branded the epitome of an oxymoron, that’s how obvious this should seem to be.

I write “seem to be” for a good reason, because there are about a gazillion reasons as to why it is not. In most women’s minds who struggle with self esteem issues, these two have been dissociated somehow, they have forgotten about the basics, because their low self esteem and low self confidence is pulling them down and away from the image they have of themselves.

Body Image

How crucial are looks? As years go by, our youth and fresh attractive beauty are natural seducing traits that wither away under the relentless attacks of time. Experience and learned wisdom don’t help one whit when the mirror sends us back an image of something that is no longer there.

We can read up all we went on motivational books and cater to positive affirmations, the poor self esteem that the body image is provoking doesn’t go away that easily. Something needs to be done, action has to be taken to rebuild a positive body image so that this low self esteem can be made to wither away instead of boosting that low self confidence.

One’s diminished self esteem will fade as one’s body image benefits from a new approach and for that, it might be time to consider investing in personal self esteem training activities such as those on offer at Dare To Glow, which is run by the master of low self esteem destruction, I refer to Carolina Rodrigues-Barros.

If there is a person who can guide you to a vastly improved body image, the type that does away with low self confidence situations, she is the one. I’d like to add “and only” but that would be counter intuitive, as this would be true only if you’re looking for these types of services in the Geneva area.

Your low self confidence breaker won’t advise you to read up on motivational books, nor will she query as to your positive affirmations daily quota, quite the contrary. Carolina Rodrigues-Barros has this rare knack of empowering you to tackle your low self confidence like no other and I suspect that if someone ever had the idea of writing her biography it would be a classic in the motivational books series.

Carolina is a walking, living, breathing, moving embodiment of positive affirmations and this rubs off on anyone who is in her immediate vicinity, it’s contagious. If you ever feel the need to meet someone who lives what motivational books describe and you want to see the power of positive affirmations at work, pay her a visit, book yourself a class, join in any of the activities she proposes.

Your low self esteem will fly out the window, you’ll throw away that lot of motivational books that are collecting dust on some shelf at home and you will know what to do to become an ambassador of positive affirmations yourself so that your light will shine on others the same way it was before.


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